golf-pic1We understand the need to ensure that bunkers are low-cost to maintain, easy to manage and provide outstanding performance.
Our solution is an engineered high-tech treatment.

Sportcrete installed in bunkers and pathways ensures that surface water is drained away quickly, thus enabling your course and grounds to always look their very best and provide outstanding playing performance. 

The geometry of the pore space in the Sportcrete layer is matched to that of the bunker sand, therefore creating a high pore water suction. The water is continuously drawn from the sand by gravity, without interference from any capillary breach, and this is the secret to the superior drainage characteristics of Sportcrete.

The bunker is prepared to Sportcrete’s specifications
50mm of graded stone to Sportcrete specifications is installed
The stone is treated with Sportcrete, binding the stone particles together creating a strong and highly permeable base
The base is hard enough to walk on after 10-15 minutes and fully cured after 24 hours
Final sand surfacing can then be completed after 4 hours

Sports Fields

The Sportcrete free draining base system was originally developed over 20 years ago with synthetic tennis courts in mind.  The challenge was to create a fully free draining base that was cost effective compared with concrete and porous asphalt, and could be installed in tight access and remote areas.  The result was Sportcrete!
The Sportcrete system has been modified to suit all types of sports. From Hockey and Soccer, to Baseball, Rugby and Australian Rules Sportcrete provides an extremely stable and strong base whistle remaining porous.
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Lawn Bowls

Pic2A committed partner to the lawn bowls industry, Sportcrete Australia have been constructing synthetic lawn bowls bases since 1993.